MYHA Handling Unit by SEM is the new air handling unit generation designed to provide a top-level quality solution in HVAC for comfort, hospital and hygienic applications, able to offer, thanks to the flexibility in design and execution, unlimited solutions and wide range of airflow, capacity and options.
MYHA Air Handling Units are designed and manufactured in conformity with:
· EN 1886 e EN 13053 – casing classes and performances
· VDI 6022 (sheet 1) e DIN 1946 (part 4) – hygienic requirements
· Directive 2006/42/EC, 2014/30/EU
· Quality system EN ISO 9001:2015

Provided of pentapost construction, with aluminium perimetric frame and connections angles, is designed in 70 sizes with airflow range from 1.000 to 180.000 m3/h.


Materials: special materials and surface treatment are available, providing chemical resistance or hygienic execution of the unit.

Options stainless steel construction (components fully made in 304 or 316 stainless steel) or epoxy painted are available.

Air tightness of the casing: Certified L1 EN 1886, reduces the air leakage of non treated air.

High filter air tightness: Certified F9 EN 1886 The filter is locked in a frame with gasket preventing the air bypassing the filter.

Inclined drain pan: cooling coil and humidifier are provided with fully insulated stainless steel drain pan, 4-slopedwith bottom drain in the lowest point. Drain pans can be optionally provided in all the sections.

Internal cleaning: the internal parts of the unit are perfectly smooth. There is no use of internal screws ore bolts avoiding any dirty and dust accumulation, assuring a high grade of hygiene. Air Handling Units are provided of removable panels, this solution provides a full accessibility of the internal components for maintenance and cleaning.

Removable components: in all the units, coils and humidifiers are mounted on rail to be easily removed.

As option, all other components can be installed on rail for fast and easy removal.

Easy assembly and full accessibility: MYHA Air Handling Units can be supplied in monoblock or in modular sections; if provided in sections an easy, fast and fully reliable connection system is provided, assuring best in class air tightness and avoiding leakage of not treated air.

Thanks to pentapost construction, is section is fully accessible from the inspections doors or by easy and full casing removal.

MYHA Air Handling Units have been designed to assure high operating efficiency end energy recovery, thanks to the smooth surface of the unit low air velocity and low pressure drops are possible. The result is a low Specific Fan Power and high energy class. Thanks to the wide range of options of fans, size, types, variable frequency driver, a most reliable and efficient working condition is in reach. The MYHA casing allows a low air leakage and a high thermal insulation, the design is in line with the international standards and is certified. The units are fully energy efficient.

The casing of MYHA Air Handling Units is manufactured using a patented new concept, made by aluminium framework and nylon corners, no welding, assuring high corrosion resistance.
The sandwich panels are assembled using wedge and gasket, providing a high external and internal finishing and smoothness, high air tightness and fully accessibility.
Panels are provided with different materials galvanized steel, painted steel, peraluman, 304 and 316 stainless steel, thickness of the metal sheet from mm.0.6 to mm.1.0 and panel thickness of mm.50.

AHU Components

Fan Section

The fan section is provided with wide range of fans and options, to ensure efficiency, noise level and energy consumption; centrifugal forward curved or backward inclined blades, airfoil blade, plug fan direct coupled; motor are AC or EC type, IE3+, IP 55+, class F+.
Motor and fan are mounted on steel frame, with rubber or spring shock absorbers designed for the maximum vibration attenuation.
As option, epoxy painting, stainless steel fans, axial fans, variable frequency driver (VFD), spark proof and EExd execution are available.

Coil Section

Wide range of type of coil is available: chilled or hot water coil, glycol water coil, DX or condensing coil, one or more refrigerant circuits, steam coil.
Tubes made in CU or Fe and fins made in Al or CU eventually epoxy protected, available in different thicknesses.
As option, coil with stainless steel frame, tubes and fins, anticorrosion treatments, stainless steel coils are available.


Heaters are manufactured with frame and finned heaters made of carbon steel or stainless steel and are mounted on rails for a quick and easy removal. Heating coils are available in one or more stages. Low thermal specific load on heaters to ensure low temperature and high reliability.

Recovery System

Wide range of recovery systems are available to ensure proper and high energy saving: cross flow or counter flow exchanger; rotary wheel, for high recovery efficiency, hygroscopic option; heat pipes, supply-exhaust or U shaped; coil loop.


Filters available: G3, G4, M5 or M6 folded filters, class EN779; F6, F7, F8, F9 soft or rigid bag filters class EN779; E10, E12, H13, H14 HEPA filters class EN1882; roll filters.
As option, roll filter with stainless steel frame, inertial filters, electrostatic filters, active carbon filters, stainless steel filter frame.

Sound Attenuation

A large range of attenuators is available, lengths and baffles shapes are variable to meed the requested sound attenuation. Sound attenuators are protected against fiber cleavage.


The humidification section can be provided with several types of humidifiers: honeycomb humidification with different thickness, nylon water nozzles humidification, with or without pump, steam humidification with stainless steel pipes, including factory mounted steam generator, high pressure water humidification with generator, water and air compressed nozzles humidification with generator.

Factory Mounted Control

MYHA Air Handling Units can be supplied fully assembled, tested and factory commissioned, thanks to the possibility to be provided of factory mounted control. Installed and wired in the factory, the unit can be fitted with sensors, actuators, valves, devices installed power box with proper devices, controller and accessories fully programmed and configured.
The unit is factory commissioned before being shipped to customer.

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